Ozran Beach, Goa

Additional Information
Bardez, North Goa, India, 403509
15.593737 N, 73.734358 E
Ozran beach can be reached by taking a bus from Mapusa for Vagator and alighting at Vagator. From Vagator one needs to take a short climb down to the left to reach Ozran.
- Watersports
- Waterscooters
- Banana boat rides
- Fishing
- Picnic Spot

Ozran beach, also known as little Vagator is an extension of the Vagator beach. It lies to the south of Vagator beach to the left of the road leading to both the beaches. A flight of stairs leads down to Ozran from the road. Ozran beach lies 8 kms. from Mapusa and 22 kms. from Panaji.Often one can see tourists even taking their bikes down the slope to Ozran beach.

Ozran is a rocky beach, more so on its left and right extremes. The beach appears less crowded compared to Vagator beach as it is larger in size and can accommodate a greater number of tourists. Another advantage is the large number of palm trees on the beach which offer ample shade to picnickers. A lot of hawkers can be seen on Ozran beach and the neighboring Vagator beach. Often the hawkers prove a nuisance pestering tourists to buy their goods.

The beach has the face of Shiva carved onto a rock on the beach. The sculpture was carved by a tourist visiting Goa. In recent years, it has eroded away. The palm groves also once had a fresh water spring along the cliff wall facing the sea. In recent times, the spring water is no longer potable and the spring dries up in the summer.