Mapusa City, Goa

Additional Information
Bardez, North Goa, India, 403507
15.60003 N,73.819896 E
Mapusa is well connected to all other major cities in Goa. You can get to this place by either by hiring a car, taxi or by a bus.
Shop in Mapusa market
- Visit st Jerome's Church
- Visit Bodgeshwar Temple and Maruti Temple
- Visit the nearby cities like Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach

Mapusa city is situated 12 kms. north of Panaji city and is an important commercial centre of the population in the northern Goa. The town's name, pronounced 'Map-sa', after the Konkani words for 'measure' and `fill', is a clear indication of Mapusa's commercial nature. It is believed that much before the Portuguese, or even the Aryans, Marathas or Sultans set their feet on Goa, Mapusa had a well developed gaunkari or community farming system. The system had the people of the villagers coming together to work on the community land. The ensuing profit was divided between the workers accordingly.

The Mapusa River flowing near the city is a tributary of the river Mandovi.The river originates from the jungles of Dumacem and Amthane, meanders eastward and then southward before it drains itself in the Mandovi river at Penha de France. In olden times, the river was a popular waterway to transport agricultural products and spices.There used to be a launch service from Aldona to Panaji down the river. The service was discontinued once the roads improved.

Mapusa is famous for its market where peoples from the neighboring villages of Parra, Aldona, Pernem, Anjuna and Arpora come to buy and sell products of all kinds. Mapusa's proximity to many famous cities such as Anjuna, Vagator, Baga and Calangute of the north makes it an appropriate tourist base. Important Temples in Mapusa are the Bodgeshwar Temple and the Maruti Temple. The church in Mapusa is dedicated to St. Jerome. The church feast of Our Lady of Milagres is celebrated with a great fair and attracts numerous people who come to the fair to buy wooden furniture.

Every Friday, the Mapusa market bulges at the seams, with seemingly every square inch of space occupied by sellers with only just enough room for the prospective buyers, the alleys between the regular stalls are occupied with temporary mats and boards. From lottery tickets displayed in great swathes to barber shops, the bazaar caters to almost every requirement imaginable. There is the fish market where vendors sell dried fish of all possible variety and whole fresh fish from baby shark and squid to the common Bangdo (mackerel). Fresh fruit and vegetables are gathered together and beautifully displayed, from huge sweet potatoes, and pumpkins and the local shiny red brown Moira bananas to the tiny fresh beans and other pulses.

Reaching Mapusa

By Air

The closest Airport to Mapusa is the Dabolim airport near Vasco which is located at a distance of 42 kms. Travelers can usually hire a cab from the airport to reach the city. Such cabs are available easily at the prepaid taxi counter on the airport. The fare for the journey is decided before hand and adriver is assigned to perform the drop. Payment is collected by the driver after reaching the destination.

By Road

All buses traveling to and from Mumbai and Pune pass through and necessarily halt at Mapusa city. The buses generally halt opposite the taxi stand in Mapusa. When leaving the buses leave from the same place in the evenings. There are many travel agents near the taxi stand in Mapusa where passengers can book return tickets.Buses from Banagalore, Hubli, Mangalore and other cities might not travel till Mapusa. For these routes tourists would most often need to travel to Mapusa city.Mapusa is well connected to all other major cities in Goa. The National Highway NH-17 connects Mapusa to Panaji and Margao. Additionally local buses ply from the Mapusa bus stand to all neighboring villages cities and cities.

By Rail

Thivim is the closest Railway station to Mapusa located 12 kms. from the city. Most trains except superfast and Rajdhani Trains halt at Thivim. There are rickshaws and taxis available at Thivim to travel to Mapusa. Down the station road, a short walk ahead one can find plenty of buses travelling to Mapusa. The buses from Thivim stop at many places before reaching Mapusa and might not be the best way to travel as they are slow and often crowded. Thivim station has a reservation counter where tourists can book tickets for the journey back or to other destinations from Goa.