Water Sports In Goa - Wind Surfing, Water Skiing, Banana Boat Rides, Para Sailing

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Bardez, North Goa, India
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Windsurfing requires the surfer to balance his body against the changing currents of water and changing patterns of air. Struggling against the pace of wind and water, while moving at a speed of 45–50 kmph is both adventurous and fun-filled. Three to five day training courses are available in windsurfing. If you want to try windsurfing, all you need to have is skill, strength and stamina. Dona Paula is considered to be the ideal location for beginners in wind surfing. For beginners, the light and steady morning breeze is perfect and the stronger afternoon winds is a challenge for the experienced adventure seekers.

Water Scooter

Water scooters accommodate two people on a ride.This water sport provides all the thrills of a motorbike while riding on the waves. It is available at Dona Paula jetty, Cidade de Goa, Majorda, and Candolim beach.

Water Skiing

Experience the thrills of venturing into the sea on speedboats. The high-class speedboats which are available in some places, can achieve speed of up to 30-40 miles an hour. These can carry between six to eight people, are available at the Cidade de Goa, Bogmalo Beach Resort, and Taj Hotels.

Banana Boat Rides

A banana boat is an inflatable boat attached to a motor boat. It can seat around 4-6 people. Once the motor boat starts moving into the sea it tosses its passengers in the water. The exciting part of this fun ride is to try to keep Yourself from falling into the water and get back on to the boat if you get thrown into the water. Again October to May is considered a favorable time for this activity as the weather is pleasant and the waters are placid.


Parasailing is a recreational activity wherein a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute. As the boat starts moving, the parachute goes up in the air giving a bird's eye view of the coasts and the ocean. A fun sport for those comfortable with heights.


Paragliding is a free foot adventure sport where the pilot is made to sit in a harness suspended below the wing. The air pressure and the aerodynamic forces are responsible for maneuvering the glider. An exciting sport for the brave hearted adventure seekers. The favorable time for paragliding is from October to May.