Naval Aviation Museum, Goa

Additional Information
Vasco, South Goa, India, 403806
15.374844 N,73.838792 E
Since the frequency of buses is low its better to travel to this place by taking a private vehicle.
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The Naval Aviation museum in Goa exhibits India’s naval aviation history over the decades.The main attractions of this museum are the vintage aircrafts, engines, avionics, photo gallery, weapons and armaments. This museum is India’s second largest aviation museum with twelve aircrafts on display and it is India's and Asia's only naval aviation museum.

The museum has a nominal entry fee of Rs 30. If you wish to click pictures then an additional camera fee of Rs. 50 is charged. The museum displays aircraft cannons, bombs, torpedoes naval mines and sensors such as sono bouys and magnetometers. Also showcased are equipment such as ejection seats, tail hooks of the sea harriers, like rafts, survival rafts and air suits of the aviatiors. The museum has scale replicas of India's aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant, INS Viraat and various scale models of aircraft such as the Donear bomber, LCA Tejas, MCA, Sea Harrier, and Chetak Helicopters. The walls of the museum also provide an insight into the history of the Aviation wing of the Indian Navy, the achievements of its officers, numerous pictures and awards won by the officers.

The space outside the museum is reserved for naval aircraft. Here a variety of aircraft, engines, drones and missiles are on display. Aircraft such as the famous Alize Anti Submarine and Reconnaissance aircraft, the miniature Huges helicopter, the Vampire fighter, the sea hawk ground attack fighter, the amphibian Sealand aircraft, Chetak helicopter, Sea Harrier VSTOL fighter and the Huge Lockheed Super Constellation and Seaking Helicopter. The museum also has a time capsule that was implanted in 1998 and is scheduled to be opened in 2048. Besides the myraid aircraft the museum aslo has aircraft engines, anti ship missiles, target drones and radars on display.

Getting to Naval Aviation Museum

The naval aviation museum is a naval museum situated along the Vasco-Bogmalo road, six kilometers from the city of Vasco-da-Gama. The road skirts the Dabolim airport and leads to the Bogmalo beach. You can reach the museum by taking a bus to Bogmalo from Vasco. However it is best if you take your private vehicle since the frequency of the buses is low.