Mayem Lake, Goa

Additional Information
Bicholim, North Goa, India, 403504
15.576039 N,73.939962 E
Mayem lake can be reached by taking a bus from mapusa or hiring a private vehicle.
- Boat rides
- Picnics
Mayem Lake is a beautiful fresh water lake located at Mayem near Bicholim, in North Goa. It lies at about 35 kms. from the city of Panaji. The lake is one of the few places where tourists can enjoy a romantic ride in the lake in a paddle boat. The lake is also a great spot for birdwatchers to catch glimpses of migratory birds in Goa.

Finding accommodation here is easy as there are plenty of cottages on the forested slopes overlooking the lake. Picturesque surroundings and boating in paddle boats are the key tourist attractions of the place. One side of the lake is bordered by a road while the rest is forested.

Getting to Mayem Lake

Mayem lake is located a few kilometers before the town of Bicholim when travelling from Mapusa. One can reach the lake by taking a bus from the Mapusa bus stand. Most tourists prefer to travel in their own private or hired vehicle.