Dolphin and Crocodile sighting trips, Goa

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North Goa, India
There are tours and guides that can be booked for Dolphin and Crocodile sighting.
- Dolphin and Crocodile Spotting

Dolphin spotting is an exciting activity carried out along the stretch of coastal Goa.The dolphin sighting trips are usually carried out in the early mornings.The cool early morning weather and the calm atmosphere is perfect to carry out this enjoyable trip. The thrill of sighting the dolphins is an amazing feeling.Crocodile spotting is for the adventurous.There are two places in Goa where crocodiles exist.One in Opa River and another in the more popular brackish waters of Cumbarjua.The Cumbharjua canal is a 15 km long stretch of water located about 20 minutes drive away from Panaji These crocodiles are visible since they are cold-blooded, and need to spend a lot of time in the sun, well camouflaged on the mud banks. They are a hole-nesting species, and lay their eggs on the water’s edge.Legend has it that these crocodiles were left in the river there to keep away the enemies. There are tour boat owners who organise these dolphin and crocodile sighting trips.These trips are usually conducted in the month of October-May.