Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

Additional Information
Anjuna, North Goa, India, 403509
15.5745 N,73.743453 E
Transport to Anjuna is available from the nearby cities of Mapusa and Panaji.
- Shopping for trinkets and a range of items

Every wednesday,Anjuna hosts the very popular flea market.This bustling market offers anything that you wish to buy from a range of spices,tea, coffee to souvenirs, ceiling/wall hangings,trinkets.There are food stalls,tattoo artists,nose and body piercers,hair stylists etc. The trend of the flea market came into existence ever since the hippies started selling second hand goods in the hope of buying new articles.The sellers in the present day Anjuna flea market are mostly from Kashmir, Tibet, Rajasthan, Gujarat or Karnataka selling handicrafts,brassware,semi-precious stones,clothes,hammocks,bedspreads etc.The flea market offers a wide range of innovative items and products.

This flea market is said to be bustling with buyers and vendors from dawn to dusk.The flea Market begins around October and ends in May before the onset of rains.