Shantadurga Cuncolikaren Temple, Goa

Additional Information
Quepem, South Goa, India, 403703
15.143728 N,73.992062 E
Transport is available from Quepem.

Situated at Fatorpa in Quepem Taluka, the temple dedicated to Shantadurga was originally from Cuncolim and hence, the deity is known as "Shantadurga cuncolienkarin".The idol is made of five metals and is one foot in height. The deity is known as "Jagrit Devta" and holds in its arms a shield and a Trishula.

The maroon and white color combination gives the temple elegant looks. The temple has the cool marble flooring and marble pillars in the interior. The goddess Shantadurga is worshipped by Hindus and Christians alike. The temple has much religious sanctity amongst devotees. It is believed that the goddess appears in the dreams of devotees, asking for offerings which please her. The devotees then offer the particular offering demanded. The principal festival here is "Jatrotsava", which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over Goa.