Saptakoteshwar Temple, Goa

Additional Information
Bicholim, North Goa, India, 403504
15.554204 N, 73.937145 E
Transport is available from Bicholim.

The Saptakoteshwar temple is located 37 kms. from Panaji in the village of Narve. The presiding deity of the temple is Saptakoteshwar, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Saptakoteshwar was buried by the Hindus to prevent the destruction of the temple by the Moghals.

When the idol was rediscovered, a temple was constructed on the spot on Divar island. The Saptakoteshwar temple was destroyed by the Portuguese and the Hindus were forced to move the idol to Narve.Legend has it that Shiva appeared at this place to grant the wishes of seven holy sages who prayed for seven crore years. So the incarnation of this deity is known as Saptakoteshwar. Sapt means seven and koteshwar means lord of crores.

The Saptakoteshwar temple, though constructed a few centuries back, still attracts the attention of archaeologists and tourists due to its sculpture and architectural excellences. The temple has a small entrance hall with bells. The main five pillared hall is decorated with arches and is intricately painted with chandeliers. The Gokulashtami festival of the temple draws thousands of devotees from Goa and other parts of India.