Where Is Goa Located

Goa, a state of India is located on the western coast of India. The state of Goa is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to its north and East. To the south lies the state of Karnataka, while to its west lies the arabian sea. Goa is located between the latitudes 14°53′54″ North and 15°40′00″ North and longitudes 73°40′33″ East and 74°20′13″ East.

The Terekhol river separates Goa from the state of Marashtra to its north while the Galgibag river marks the southernmost limit ofthe state. To the east of the state lie the lofty western ghats which are responsible for Goa's rainfall from the sounth western monsoon. The western ghats run through the Konkan belt along the west coast of India of which Goa is a part.

Goa on the World Map

Below is a pictoral depiction of the location of Goa on the world map. Being a small state Goa can harly be depicted as a region at this level of detail. However, the following picture of the map of India gives a more clearer picture of where is goa located in India.

location of Goa on the World Map

Goa on the Map of India

Goa is connected to India and the rest of the world by Road, Rail and AIr. The Konkan railway runs through the state from North to South. All trains from Mumbai to Thiruvanantha[uram pass through the state. The main airport ia at Dabolim and caters to International and Domestic flights. National highway Number 17 and National Highway Number 4A are the two highways that connect the state to the rest of India by road. The distance to Goa by road from the nearby Indian cities is listed below.
- Mangalore (360 km)
- Pune (485 km)
- Bangalore (592 km)
- Mumbai (608 km).

Goa On Google Maps

The below map shows Goa's location in India. Simply zoom out or in to view Goa's position relative to the word map or India along with any other details of the map of Goa.