Terekhol Fort, Goa

Additional Information
Pernem, North Goa, India, 403524
15.721259 N,73.686429 E
The fort can be reached by hiring a taxi or auto, anywhere from north Goa.
- Stay at the Terekhol Fort Resort
- Ferry ride
- Visit the Church housed within the fort
- Visit Querim Beach

Terekhol fort is located in the Pernem taluka of north Goa overlooking the mouth of the Terekhol River. It was built by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, ruler of Sawantwadi in the 17th century.In 1746 the Portuguese viceroy, Dom Pedro de Almeida captured the fort. In 1788 the fort was given legal recognition as part of the Portuguese possessions in India.

The fort offers a great view of the Terekhol river and the Querim and Kalacha beach. From atop the fort, one can often see paragliders having a great time atop Kalacha beach. The sight of numerous colorful gliders in the sky at the same time is a sight to behold.

In the year 1825 Dr. Bernado Peres Da Silva used the terekhol Fort as a military base for an attack on the Portuguese. But unfortunately his effort was all in vain and the Portuguese took over the fort. The Fort held a key position for the defense of Goa from the Marathas. Within the fort is housed the church of St. Anthony, which is mostly kept closed. It is only open to the public on the feast day. The feast of St. Anthony is held usually in the month of May. The surrounding sea and river compliments the beauty of this fort. It is this view and the architectural style that attracts many tourists to this place. A major part of the fort today is converted into a heritage hotel.

One can reach the fort by hiring a taxi or auto, anywhere from north Goa.The journey takes you through the picturesque villages of Siolim, Ashvem, and Querim. A ferry service is available near the Querim beach to cross the Terekhol river. Bikers and pedestrians can get a free ride across the river. However people commuting by cars and light motor vehicles have to pay a nominal fare.