Additional Information
Celebrated in the month August

Novidade is a harvest festival celebrated in Goa. Also known as Konnos or Novem, meaning the new crop, it signifies the beginning of the harvest festival, where the first green crop of paddy is cut in a meaningful ceremony and blessed by a Priest. It is then dedicated to God in a thanksgiving ritual. During the festival of Novidade, the parish Priest blesses the rice crop before harvesting a bunch of rice and offering the same sheaf before the altar at the Church. This ritual of offering the first harvested sheaf is considered very auspicious. The Priest of the church is then accompanied on his way back to church from the fields, in a procession.

The ceremony of offering first harvest is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the villagers all over Goa. Different villages in Goa celebrate it on different dates around this time.The village of Taleigao celebrates in in a special manner known as Addav with the first sheaves of rice being offered to the Governor of Goa after being blessed at the Church.