Christmas in Goa

Additional Information
25th December

Christmas is a cheerful time not just for Goans but for people all over the world. Christmas in Goa has its own charm. It is celebrated with great joy, solemnity and preceded with a great deal of preparation. It is a time for family feasts when all the family and near and dear ones gather together for celebrations at home and visit neigbours and friends too. Various delicacies like nevreo, dodol, bebinca, kulkuls etc. are prepared with much love. A crib is erected in every house depicting the nativity. A 'christmas star' is lit up outside every home. Youngsters go singing christmas carols from door to door.

On December 24th midnight, the christmas mass is held and is attended with joy as it commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. After the mass dances and parties are held to celebrate this joyous ocassion.The christmas celebrations go upto the end of the year and overflows into the new year till the feast of Epiphany on the 6th of January.