St.Cosme and St.Damian Church, Bogmalo

Additional Information
Bogmalo, South Goa, India, 403806
Transport to Bogmalo is available from Vasco.
Celebrated on the Third Sunday after Easter .

The St.Cosme and St.Damian Church is in Bogmalo. It is called ‘Santos Cosme e Damian Igreja in Portuguese or more popularly known as the Bogmalo Church. The Bogmalo church was originally a chapel built in March 1784 and was affiliated to the parish of Chicalim. It was then renovated in 1890. It got its status as an independent parish in 1956.

Chapels affiliated to St.Cosme and St.Damian Church
Our Lady of Guadalope Chapel, Issorsim
St. Sebastian Chapel, Chicolna

Mass Timings

7.00 a.m.
5.00 p.m.(Fridays)

6.30 a.m.

6.00 a.m.
8.00 a.m.