St. Anthony's Church, Siolim

Additional Information
Siolim, North Goa, India, 403517
15.614453 N, 73.77053 E
Transport to Siolim is available from Mapusa, Anjuna, Morjim
Celebrated on the sunday following 13th June(feast day)

The church in Siolim is dedicated to St Anthony of Padua. The church has two steeples on the frontispiece and a statue of St Anthony holding a serpent on a leash. This is a depiction of a miracle that took place a the time the church was being constructed. As history tells it there was a serpent at that place which was hindering the construction work. The workers then prayed to St. Anthony for help and the next morning the snake was found caught in the cord placed in the statues hand.

The feast of St Anthony is on the 13th of June and is celebrated with grand fervour on the sunday following the 13th. The feast is preceeded by a 13 day novena known as Trezen, attended by a large number of devotees.

Chapels affiliated to St.Anthony's Church Siolim
Mother of God Chapel, Gaunsvaddo, Siolim
Our Lady of Angustias Chapel, portavaddo, Siolim
St. Sebastian Chapel, Marna, Siolim

Mass Timings

6:30 am (Konkani)
8:00 am (Konkani)
4:30 pm (Konkani – Every Tuesday)
4:30 pm (Konkani – First Friday of the month)

6:30 am (Konkani)
8:00 am (Konkani)
5:30 pm (Konkani)

6:30 am (Konkani)
8:00 am (Konkani)
9:15 am (Konkani – Children’s Mass)