Grandmothers Hole Beach, Goa

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Marmagoa, South Goa, India, 403509
152423.1"N 734711.7 E
The beach can be reached by taking a bus from Vasco.Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available.
- Fishing

The beach is clean and for most part of the year does not have many visitors. A small temple that of Shree Durgamata Shiv is located along the way down to the beach. Also located on the cliffs above the beach is the Japanese garden, which quite surprisingly does not live up to its east asian name at all. Contrastingly the garden looks to be a typical well kept garden in India with roses being the most common plant here. The cliffs surrounding the beach once had the walls of the Marmagao fort along its edges. Today most of the walls have eroded away with time and one can barely find significant traces of a fort here.

Reaching Grandmothers Hole Beach

Grandmothers Hole beach lies 3 kms. away from the city of Vasco near the Marmagoa Port Trust housing colony at the Vasco Sada Headland area. The beach can be reached by local buses which ply from Vasco to the area at regular interval. Located close to the beach is the coastal defense battery of the Indian Navy.

The entrance to the beach is next to the Japanese garden. A flight of steps lead down to the beach along a winding path which goes through a stone arch at the base of the cliffs. Along the path down to the beach a small path branches off to the right and leads to the temple. At the base of the cliffs one can find some huts in which some migrant workers live.

There are no shacks, hotels or restaurants close to the beach. Just a lone guy selling tender coconuts to visitors visiting the garden.

Grandmothers Hole Beach Map

Things to do at Grandmothers Hole Beach, Goa

As the beach is one that not many tourists know of the beach is deserted most of the time. There is not much that the beach has to offer in terms of dining or watersports. Nevertheless the beach is still a perfect picnic spot. You can enjoy the beauty and peace of this beautiful beach almost all to your self.

The Japanese garden above the beach is a good spot to have a picnic with the shade of trees above you and the green grass beneath your feet. Carry your own food and drinks as there is not much one can find to eat or drink at the beach. You can go fishing on the rocks of the beach once the scorching noon time passes. Also the nearby temple of Shree Durgamata Shiv can be visted and of course the Grandmothers Hole cave nearby should not be missed.