Dona Paula Beach, Goa

Additional Information
Tiswadi, North Goa, India, 403004
15.454755 N, 73.804333 E
Dona Paula can be reached from Panaji by taking a bus to Bambolim and getting off at Dona Paula and walking a short distance to the beach.Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available from Panaji
- Visit Dona Paula Jetty
- Waterscooters

Dona Paula is a small beach located about 5 kms. from Panaji. The beach has a jetty adjacent to it which is famous for the view that it offers of the Arabian sea. There are plenty of water sports activities that take place here. The jetty is frequented by young tourists and local students from the nearby goa university and other nearby colleges in Panaji. The road to the jetty is lined with shops selling clothes and souvenirs. The beach offers a great view of the Marmagoa port at Vasco that is located across the mouth of the Zuari river.

On a small hillock over looking the beach is a statue of Donna Paula, a portuguese land lady who supposedly committed suicide here. A thrilling breeze blows over this place and the view is very scenic. Most people visit the Dona Paula jetty and the beach has of recently been ignored by tourists. Most of the tourists in fact are oblivious to the fact that Dona Paula also has a beach. Apart from enjoying the great view from atop the hillock, tourists can simply relax in benches enjoying the evening sea breeze and sunset.

Reaching Dona Paula

Persons with private vehicles simply need to simply take the road going to miramar and keep going along the road passing miramar beach till the road leads up to a hill. A right turn atop the hill leads to the dona paula jetty while a narrow road branching to the left leads to the beach.