Canaiguinim Beach, Goa

Additional Information
Salcette, South Goa, India, 403703
15.126969 N,73.940244 E
The beach can be reached from Margao by bus, although the frequency of buses is low.Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available from Margao
- Picnic spot

Canaiguinim beach is located to the south of Betul beach on the way to Cabo de Rama beach. A small path at the base of the hill near the Canaiguinim church leads to the beach. The beach has a rivulet that empties into a beautiful lagoon. The Beach is situated at a distance of 26 kms. from the city of Margao.To the left side of the beach lies brook with a small bridge that connects the lagoon to the sea. The beach has plenty of shade for picnickers due to the large number of palm tree groves at the beach.

A few shacks can be found along the path to the beach. The beach itself has white sands, red rocks jutting into the sea and groves of swaying palm trees lining the beach.