Bambolim Beach, Goa

Additional Information
Tiswadi, North Goa, India, 403202
15.45215 N, 73.848751 E
Buses leave for Bambolim from Panaji from 6 AM till 7 PM.Private transport such as cabs, auto rickshaws are also available from Panaji
- Fishing

Bambolim beach is a quite beach located about 7 kms. from Panaji. It is lined up with trees and shrub vegetation with many paths leading to the beach. Many Goa University students visit this beach during there free time due to the close proximity to the institute. The beach is clean and quiet, yet beautiful. The shoreline is lined with rocks and palm groves.

Besides the Bambolim Beach resort, there are no major hotels in the area. Not many people visit the beach. During most part of the year the beach is deserted as Bambolim is a rocky beach interspersed with small stretches of sandy areas. However new Resorts are coming up in the area and the beach will soon be bustling with activity in a couple of years from now. There is no bus service to Bambolim beach, however the beach is well connected by road.